Warhammer: 40K - Novel - Renegades: Harrowmaster

Warhammer: 40K - Novel - Renegades: Harrowmaster

Warhammer: 40K - Novel - Renegades: Harrowmaster

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Key Features

  • An Alpha Legion novel
  • Faced with a resurgent Imperium, one ambitious warlord seeks to reunite the Alpha Legion as a new Harrowmaster
  • Written by Mike Brooks

An Alpha Legion Novel

The leader of an Alpha Legion warband continues the Long War against the Imperium of Mankind, while harbouring the ambition to become the Harrowmaster and unite his Legion.


See the Alpha Legion in the wake of the Great Rift, as they face the power of the Primaris Space Marines of the Indomitus Crusade.


The Alpha Legion are devious beyond measure, but deceit is a double-edged sword. As the Indomitus Crusade pushes into the far reaches of the Ultima Segmentum, the warband known as the Serpent's Teeth encounter the fearsome Primaris Marines, and the Alpha Legion is faced with a choice – fade into the shadows, or adapt and strike back.

Solomon Akurra, leader of the Teeth, intends to claim the title of Harrowmaster and bind together the feuding heads of the hydra that make up his Legion. His allies are disparate and unproven, and his enemies march with the might of the Imperium at their back. Much is not as it seems, and the odds are stacked against the sons of Alpharius… but Solomon is armed with a weapon the Imperium cannot ignore – the truth.

Written by Mike Brooks

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